1 in 5 U.S. Kids Never Drink Plain Water

Catch Water’s Next Wave & Be a Health Booster!

20% of American kids drink no water – but only sugary drinks – on an average day*. This is known to be linked to health issues such as childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, dental problems, and high cholesterol.

By sponsoring the Weo Foundation,  you help establish healthy hydration habits  for all & unlock water research discoveries that will enhance our health.

We Lead the Forward-Thinking Water Research & Education that Is Vital to Our Health.

1/ By educating children, parents  & teachers about the health benefits of water:

We believe optimal health begins with the essential molecule of life  that is needed by every living thing – including the food we eat. We  are on a mission to help people better care for themselves and the  ones they love by promoting all the things water can do for us.  We partner with schools and educators to help all kids establish  healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

2/ By supporting life science  & health applied research to empower health for present  & future generations:

We  are  research-driven  and  believe  that   science  can  radically  change lives for the better. We may collectively think we know water,  but recent discoveries show we’re just getting started. This is why  we are funding the next generation of science research to uncover  all the benefits consuming water can have on plant, animal and  human health.

There is still so much to do to strengthen education around water and nutrition!

Today, you can be a decisive part of the change by donating to the Weo Foundation!

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